2025 CAGRD Plan of Operation: Planning is well underway for the next decade and the next century

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CAP canal overhead view

For those interested in everything there is to know about the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District, there’s nothing like the Plan of Operation. So, good news! Planning is well underway on the next 10-year Plan, which will be submitted to the Arizona Department of Water Resources in late 2024.

Every 10 years, CAGRD is required by law to submit a Plan of Operation to the ADWR director. The primary purpose of the 2025 CAGRD Plan of Operation will be to describe the replenishment activities proposed in the Phoenix, Pinal and Tucson Active Management Areas over the next 100 years, based on CAGRD membership activity through 2034. This plan contains information about expected water use by CAGRD Member Land and Member Service Area water providers that rely on CAGRD to replenish on their behalf, including how they will serve new residential growth. It also identifies the water supplies CAGRD will use or could acquire in the future to meet its replenishment obligations.

Since its inception, CAGRD has submitted plans in 1994, 2004 and 2014. Developing this plan is a multi-year effort that involves CAP staff members, the CAWCD Board, stakeholders, the public and, of course, ADWR.

The CAGRD website has now been updated with plenty of information about this Plan of Operation process, including a timeline. This year, CAGRD will be:

  • Developing groundwater replenishment obligation projections
  • Engaging with CAGRD water providers to refine projections
  • Identifying planned and potentially available water supplies to meet projected obligation
  • Soliciting input from stakeholders and the CAWCD Board on projections and water supplies
CAGRD Plan of Operation Timeline Graphic

The website also includes a documentation of all public outreach related to this Plan. To learn more, attend or tune into the CAGRD and Underground Storage Committee meetings held at CAP Headquarters the third Thursday of each month, except for July when the Board is on recess.