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About Know Your Water News

Few jobs are as important as bringing water to a desert, and CAP professionals take that work seriously. From mechanics and electricians to accountants and hydrologists, we all work together to ensure Colorado River water is reliably delivered to six million people and 12 tribal nations in central and southern Arizona.

Know Your Water News helps us:

  • Educate readers about the Colorado River, water deliveries, infrastructure, water quality and
  • Provide a glimpse into CAP and the diverse professionals who dedicate themselves to delivering
    water in the desert
  • Engage readers in conversations that help ensure our future water supplies

Know Your Water News is produced by CAP’s six-person Communications Team.

Digital Designer Travis Dins expertly creates visuals to educate, entertain and engage readers.

Strategist DeEtte Person is a writing and media pro, creating prose that carefully guides readers through the complicated world of water.

Strategist Kelli Ramirez is a storyteller who isn’t afraid to ask a dumb question in her quest to help Arizonans understand the importance of water.

Multimedia Specialist David Routt skillfully weaves together video, photos and sound to bring stories to life.

Manager Crystal Thompson is a self-proclaimed water nerd who has spent nearly 30 years sharing her love of water through education, writing, collaboration and service.

Strategist Nick Walter is a sports, outdoors and science enthusiast creating content about how water is delivered to the desert.