This is just a test …

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Fire Prevention Test Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant

Water spraying on transformers may look ominous, but in this case, it is just a test and part of the fire protection project at Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant. The plant is the largest in the CAP system and it has three transformers that “step down” the voltage for the plant’s six pump motors from 230,000 volts to 13,800 volts. For comparison, most residential homes are wired for 120 volts. As part of the fire protection project, the fire suppression and water deluge system that is required for the transformers was updated and then tested — successfully — to ensure the transformer deluge sprinkler heads were both sized and configured properly to completely cover and surround the transformer. The deluge system is designed to initiate when heat from a fire is detected and quickly extinguish the flames before any additional damage can be caused.