Aerial image of New Waddell Dam

Birds-eye view

New Waddell Dam is an earthen fill dam that is nearly 5,000 feet long and forms Lake Pleasant, CAP’s largest reservoir. The lake serves two

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Aron Carrozza CAP shop mechanic

Chew on this

Aron Carrozza, shop mechanic, replaces intake manifold gaskets in one of CAP’s fleet vehicles. Carrozza, part of the 11-person Fleet Maintenance Department, had to remove

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view from Harquahala Mountain

Yes, Arizona gets cold!

As much of the country battled cold temperatures, Arizona experienced its own form of winter. CAP Communications Engineer Daniel Pauly captured winter’s beauty last week

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Waddell Pump Generating Plant trash rake

Infrastructure in action

This is the view through the Waddell Pump/Generating Plant trash rake infrastructure by Lake Pleasant, looking south toward Waddell Canal, an example of the CAP

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