Oh, the places they go!

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View of Harquahala Mountain

You probably know that Colorado River water in the CAP canal flows 336 miles but what you may not know is that behind the scenes is a redundant flow of data. The flow of data requires a high-tech system of fiber optics and microwave radio systems, servers, cables, applications and databases – many interconnecting systems and backup systems that are maintained by CAP’s highly skilled Electronics – Communication Department.

This seven-person department is frequently in the field and covers every inch of the system, including nine mountaintops that house communication equipment. Each one is different and before driving to the top, the communications engineer receives four-wheel drive training to ensure the trip is safe.

For Dan Pauly, communications engineer, his favorite is Harquahala Mountain, located about two hours west of CAP’s Phoenix Headquarters. Once at the base of the mountain, it takes him another hour to reach the pinnacle, that sits more than 5600 feet in elevation.

It’s hard to deny the stunning view, no matter what the season, so Pauly frequently snaps photos to capture the beauty. Few of us will ever enjoy this view in person, so here are some of the images he captured throughout the year and shared from his favorite mountaintop, capturing flowers during a superbloom, monsoon flooding, snow, tower work and even some big horn sheep.