Collegiate water researchers: cash awards available

Managing the state’s limited water supply to be sustainable for future generations is a common goal among Arizona water leaders. For some college students, it’s a hot topic for...

Recharge project modified to increase capacity

By Chris Brooks, CAGRD Policy Analyst Sometimes, you have to modify...

CAWCD Board convenes for January 2022 meeting

Board approves amended recovery capacity agreements, a lease with the Ak-Chin...

Stories from 2021 to follow in 2022

As water issues go, 2021 was a “banner year” in terms of media coverage and overall general interest. Now that 2022 has arrived – and we’re officially in a...

Reliable dataflow ensures the water flows

It’s easy to see the water flowing down the CAP canal,...

Water: Brought to you by Andrew Craddock, Senior Policy Analyst, CAGRD

CAP employees work each day to ensure Arizona’s allotment of Colorado...

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CAP’s essential infrastructure: providing a reliable water supply

CAP’s amazing infrastructure, which helps reliably deliver Colorado River water to more than 80 percent of Arizonans, is still operating, 24/7/365. Watch the video.

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