24/7/365, you can count on CAP to deliver water

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by Philip Fortnam

We are living trying times. Schools are closed and grocery stores control the flow of customers; elbow bumps and grossly expanded personal space are the norm. Things we took for granted have become noteworthy.   

Throughout this—hopefully—once in a lifetime episode there remain things we can count on: medical professionals, law enforcement, stars in the night sky, and water flowing from our tap so we can shower or fill our pets’ water bowls.

Long before and decades after this pandemic, Central Arizona Project has and will deliver water to central and southern Arizona.

This video is a time lapse, shot over a 12-hour time period. During those 12 hours, CAP delivered 2081 acre-feet to Arizonans in our three-county service territory. An acre-foot is more than 325,000 gallons.

It is a glimpse of CAP’s infrastructure; an infrastructure that is even more obviously critical during these times. CAP’s nearly 500 employees will continue to do the work necessary to reliably deliver water every day and appreciate their important role in getting this resource to where it is needed.