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Bryan Zahariades, one of CAP’s industrial coating specialists is abrasive blasting a trash rake beam from Red Rock Pumping Plant at 100 pounds per square inch (PSI) with steel grit. Abrasive blasting is commonly used to remove coatings, corrosion and scale from surfaces so a new coating will have a strong bond.

All abrasive blasting requires a compressor, dryer, blast pot, blast hoses, blast nozzle, abrasive material and proper PPE (steel-toed boots, blue suit, gloves, and an air supplied respirator with shroud). However, there are some variables in the process that are selected to achieve the desired result. Typically, 100 PSI is used for blasting on steel, but pressures can be lowered depending on the material being blasted. Abrasive materials vary in size from coarse to fine and can include steel grit, copper ore, steel shot, glass beads, walnut shells, garnet, dry ice, sodium bicarbonate and many others. CAP’s skilled craftsmen make the proper choices and get to work, expertly handling the blast nozzle to ensure the abrasive material is propelled onto the surface and remove the unwanted material.