Bolt electrifies CAP fleet

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CAP Electric Vehicle

CAP’s fleet of vehicles just got an energizing volt (or rather, a Bolt) as it has now added an all-electric Chevy Bolt.

The Bolt is 100% powered by electricity, with no reliance on gasoline. And it’s capable of traveling around 250 miles on a single charge.

This electric vehicle (EV) is now part of CAP’s fleet, which includes more than 260 sedans, trucks and SUVs that average about 3.5 million miles per year driven. The Bolt will be driven for CAP business, primarily to and from local meetings.

This new fleet vehicle allows CAP to reduce emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases, while supporting the sustainability initiatives of the organization’s ECO Team. EVs also reduce operating expenses through lower fueling and maintenance costs.

For the time being, the vehicle is restricted to the Phoenix metro area – so you may see the Bolt (and its snazzy Eco Team logo) driving down a freeway near you very soon!

CAP Electric Vehicle Charging