Updated website enhances functionality, refreshes information

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Home of all things Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District, the cagrd.com website should look rejuvenated – that’s because Central Arizona Project (CAP) has given it a functionality upgrade and design makeover.

New features include a CAGRD Membership Locator, which explains what CAGRD membership means and allows a user to search to discover if they’re in a CAGRD member land or service area.

The site also highlights a pair of videos that detail the CAGRD mission:

  • “CAGRD 101” summarizes the CAGRD mission. View the video.
  • “CAGRD commitment to conservation saves groundwater” shows how CAGRD shares conservation resources as we can all “save a drop.” View the video.

The CAGRD is not a separate entity, but rather a special function of CAP. CAGRD provides a mechanism for landowners and water providers to demonstrate a component of an assured water supply under Assured Water Supply Rules.

And now, the CAGRD has a revamped site to match its critical mission.