Employee perspective: Underground teamwork

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Reach 6 pipeline maintenance and engineering team

Senior Reliability Engineer (and photographer) Jennifer Jia was part of the maintenance and engineering team that entered the Reach 6 pipeline for a visual inspection of the underground waterway. Jia, Manuel Valenzuela Jr, Everardo Castillo, Jim Geisbush, Rich Weissinger and Ernesto Castanon visually inspected the joints and lining inside the pipeline. Any issues identified will be repaired by the Aqueduct Maintenance South crew during a future outage. The Reach 6 Pipeline conveys water from the Black Mountain Operating Reservoir to the terminus of the CAP near Pima Mine Road and I-19. Reach 6 spans 7.3 miles and most of the pipeline is located on the San Xavier District of the Tohono O’odham Nation. The pipeline is 6-feet in diameter and composed of prestressed concrete cylinder pipe.