Reliable dataflow ensures the water flows

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It’s easy to see the water flowing down the CAP canal, but what you may not know is that behind the scenes is a flow of data that is critically linked to CAP’s ability to reliably deliver water.  

Ensuring the data flows requires a high-tech system of fiber optics and microwave radio systems, servers, applications and databases. They all work together in a converged network that moves data from one end of the system to the other. And there is redundancy, meaning that even if there is a breakdown in one path, this smart technology can find yet another path for the data to travel, mitigating any impacts of potential failures.

So, what does this technology and data flow do? It allows water control operators to remotely open and close gates, schedule water deliveries, release water to recharge sites and effectively manage the level and flow of water in the system…in a nutshell, it does everything.

It’s no surprise, then, this can only be accomplished with a large and diverse team that spends many hours and utilizes lots of technology. Information technology experts, electricians and electronics communication engineers are a large part of the effort. And, it’s an effort that never ends. As technology changes, so must the systems that CAP relies on.

The result of this reliable, redundant and secure data network is reliable water deliveries for many years to come.