Serving those battling Arizona wildfires

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CAP Fire Volunteers

Wildfires across Arizona are topping the news. Expert crews are battling the blazes and residents are often displaced from their homes. It’s a stressful and difficult time for everyone impacted. So, when the Salvation Army reached out to Protective Services Manager Joe Gaylord about assisting with feeding those impacted by the Telegraph Fire near Globe, he immediately turned to his protective services agents.

CAP’s protective services agents are certified law enforcement officers and all previously worked as police officers; serving the community is in their blood! Gaylord and four agents hit the road with a trailer specially outfitted with grills and other cooking gear.

They were assigned to provide lunch and dinner for 30 people from the command center and any residents who were displaced, and they did it well! The five men prepared hot dogs and pulled pork for lunch and spaghetti for dinner.

Central Arizona Project Fire Volunteering
CAP Protective Services Fire Volunteers
Fire Volunteers from CAP

“We got a first-hand look at the fires,” said Gaylord. “It was a wonderful experience to serve people who were in such dire need.”

The assistance didn’t leave when they did. Even after heading home, they left the cooking trailer on site to ensure crews continued to be able to eat well.