The CAP system: big and bold, subtle and graceful

Beyond the obvious elements of the engineering marvel, the more subtle angles and colors of the CAP system are equally as important and visually stunning.

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CAP Canal Art Image

CAP is the manifestation of a big idea: a place of big and bold structures. It is vital and not subtle; however, as I stand next to the canal and watch the water slide past and disappear into the Arizona geography, I realize that it is graceful, too.

The CAP system has features with subtle colors and angles throughout that assist in delivering Colorado River water. It’s easy to overlook the subtle curves and shades of CAP, but they’re everywhere. Sometimes it takes a moment to see the understated things that are CAP, too.

With the occasional help of a macro lens here are a few of the angles and curves of CAP that help to make it the engineering marvel we rely on to bring water to central and southern Arizona.