Top 3 reasons to check out CAP’s new website

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CAP Website Homepage Screenshot

Typically, a website redesign might simply include a few new colors, updated information, and maybe a fancy new tagline such as “Crafted with Care.”

Not so with the new website.

For about the past two years, CAP has been redesigning its website to feature what matters most to you—our stakeholders. This digital resource has been revamped based on user analytics, common language of website users and actual feedback from visitors to the site. CAP digital designer Travis Dins, whom we recently featured, led the creative vision based on the functional requirements, and CAP completed the site primarily “in house.”

Here are the top 3 reasons to check out the site (if you haven’t already!):

1. Your favorite pages are upgraded

Some of the most popular pages have been enhanced and might require a different route to access.

These pages include:

2. New content

To ensure stakeholders have all the information on CAP and the water we deliver, we’ve produced some new pages:

  • Shortage Impacts. While the Colorado River Shortage page primarily explains the CAP Water supply before it enters the CAP system near Lake Havasu, the Shortage Impacts page details various impacts a Tier 1 shortage on the Colorado River will have on the available water supply to CAP water users.
  • The Stakeholders page has been revamped, including contact information for CAP Stakeholder Outreach Coordinators.
  • CAP Trail. While there was a CAP Trail page on the previous version of the site, this CAP Trail “2.0” page features a map showing the developed segments of the trail with links to printable .PDF maps. Go explore the CAP Trail …
  • Management Council. Get to know CAP Leadership. See their pictures and biographies.
  • The Good Stuff. On our Careers section pages, we explain the many benefits of working at CAP.

3. Improved navigation

The site now has a modern look and customer journey from the public and stakeholder’s language and perspective (for example, organization by topic instead of departments).

Some features:

  • Elements are stacked for easier navigation and a streamlined user experience.
  • Visitors can utilize a quick-view window to access Board meetings from the homepage.
  • Mobile users will notice the site is optimized for easy browsing.
  • Desktop and tablet can find infographics for Lake Pleasant Operations and the Waddell Pump/Generating Plant displayed prominently on the homepage.

This updated website project is part of CAP’s continuing effort to encourage open communication with all stakeholders and the public and share new and impactful information in a timely fashion.

CAP hopes the public enjoys the new look and can easily find desired information about the Colorado River water supply that is essential to Arizona’s economy and unique quality of life.