Top CAP milestones in 2020

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2020 CAP milestones

During a year punctuated with unique changes and challenges, one thing remained the same: CAP moved millions of gallons of Colorado River water across the state.

The result was that, despite the unpredictable events, CAP successfully achieved its mission of reliably delivering Colorado River water to more than 80 percent of the state’s population in central and southern Arizona.

But consistent, reliable water deliveries weren’t the only milestones. Here are five others in 2020.

  1. New Strategic Plan approved

At its December meeting, the CAWCD Board of Directors unanimously adopted the 2022 CAWCD Board Strategic Plan, which coincides with the two-year business planning cycle for the development of the 2022-23 business plans for CAP departments that will take place next year. Read more.

  1. Arizona Reconsultation Committee commences

Taking another measure to protect the Colorado River, the Arizona Department of Water Resources and CAP reconvened the Arizona Lower Basin Drought Contingency Plan Steering Committee as the Arizona Reconsultation Committee (ARC). This collaborative group has begun working to prepare for negotiations to develop new operating rules for the Colorado River before the current guidelines expire in 2026.

  1. Power portfolio diversified with solar energy

Harnessing the power of sun, CAP diversified its sources of energy. In February, CAP agreed to purchase 20 years of power from Origis Energy’s new AZ Solar 1 generation facility in western Arizona that is providing CAP with 30-megawatts of solar energy under the power purchase agreement approved by the CAWCD board in June of 2018.  With more than 90,000 solar panels that can power around 10,000 homes, the facility began helping CAP manage its power needs. CAP is expanding this part of the power portfolio, already under contract for a second solar plant that will come online in 2023. Read more.

  1. ADEQ deems CAP “platinum-worthy”

Arizona Department of Environmental Quality admitted CAP into the Voluntary Environmental Stewardship Program (VESP) at the highest Platinum Level.  In doing so, CAP joined an elite rank of only six other organizations in Arizona. The VESP was designed to identify and reward organizations with a strong history of compliance with environmental regulations. Read more.

  1. CAP’s workforce remains resilient

Immediately upon the emergence of COVID, CAP adjusted to alternative work schedules to ensure employee safety. Meetings became virtual and mission-critical capital projects continued. In doing so, CAP maintained the critical infrastructure that supports the Colorado River water that CAP delivers. 

As we look back on the wild ride that was 2020, we wish you a healthy and happy new year, and as always, CAP and its essential workers will continue this vital mission of reliably delivering life-giving water to the desert.