When water and transportation intersect

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CAP Road Widening

More than 100 roads cross over the CAP canal, which is no wonder since the system stretches 336 miles across the state. Currently in the Phoenix area, a lane expansion project on State Route 101, is causing the usual mid-construction traffic frustrations – lane rerouting, exit closing and SLOW traffic. What most the gridlocked travelers may not consider is the amount of time and energy spent collaborating to ensure that the construction of new transportation corridors do not impact the reliable delivery of CAP’s Colorado River water.

Jesus Lucero, Engineering Inspector, is there to monitor the construction activity.

“The construction work here has potential to damage the canal, disrupt communications, and compromise the embankments,” says Lucero. “I’m here to make sure none of that happens.”

Prior to the project beginning, divers inspected the section of the canal to ensure its condition. Then, the contractor placed a barge in the canal which serves two primary purposes: it allows crews to quickly access either side of the canal and catches any debris that may accidentally fall during construction.

Anticipated completion of this particular project is early 2020 at which time divers will once again inspect the canal to confirm no changes in its condition. And CAP will be ready for the next collaboration to ensure a safe and reliable water supply.