Hope for the best and prepare for the worst – dealing with today’s supply chain reality

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CAP Employees reviewing supplies

Managing and maintaining CAP’s amazing infrastructure can be complicated – you must meet the needs of water users, conduct preventive maintenance, and perform repairs. Now, another complication has entered the equation: supply chain issues.

Supply chain issues are evident in nearly everyone’s lives. Restaurants that are out of straws. Shelves missing your favorite brand of shaving cream or coffee creamer. Dealerships with nearly empty lots and very little product to sell. CAP is dealing with many of those same issues.  

Purchasing Supervisor Art Enriquez said the supply chain has been impacted by a variety of things, including the pandemic, labor shortages, chip manufacturing delays, shipping backlogs, labor unrest and even wars. Fortunately, Enriquez said CAP has been able to implement mitigation strategies to ensure work – and water deliveries – are not impacted.

Some of those strategies start in the planning stages. Planning Supervisor Marcus Corley said they start the planning process earlier, stay ahead of the schedule, and adjust accordingly if they hit an issue.

The Purchasing Department assists by maintaining healthy supplier relationships, diversifying suppliers, ordering in advance, and having alternative options.

“We go into every project anticipating that delivery delays are a real possibility,” said Enriquez. “We ensure we have plenty of stock in the warehouse for critical items, add time to our ordering process and always have a backup plan.”

In some cases – like vehicles – the only option is to continue using the existing equipment, ensuring its reliability through thorough maintenance.

The supply chain may be experiencing challenges never seen before; however, CAP will continue to effectively manage those issues to ensure a reliable system