A family affair

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Man welding in front of tool box with welding mask on.

CAP is a closeknit team of highly skilled professionals. For a select group, it not only feels like family … it is family!

Across the organization, you will find husbands and wives, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, siblings and even in-laws. It’s not hard to see why … CAP is a great place to work.

School aged girl with brown hair smiling at camera.Xavy Maestas was in elementary school when her father, Rich Maestas, started working at CAP. He applied after hearing what a great place it was to work from a friend who worked at CAP – good news is easy to share – and was hired as a maintenance worker.

“I immediately saw all the good things, the pay is good, we work four tens, have a great retirement plan … everything,” said Rich.

There was also opportunity for Rich to grow professionally, which he did.

Man in work clothes and hard hat using hand signals for crane operator placing a large piece of equipment. “I saw what the mechanics were doing and thought it looked interesting, so when there was an opening for a mechanical apprentice, I applied and got it,” said Rich. “I knew it was a great opportunity.”

For Xavy, she knew her dad worked hard and traveled a lot but didn’t really understand what he did. What she remembers is spending time with her dad each year at Take Your Kids to Work Day, dressing up for Halloween parties and even watching him play softball with his co-workers.

Three years ago, she was working at a third-party shipping company when her dad told her there was an opening in the mail room. She jumped at the opportunity, applied, went through the interview process and was hired.

“I knew I was very fortunate because I know this is a really good place to work – Dad’s told me that for years,” said Xavy. “And, now that I’m here, I’m finally able to fully understand. I can do so many things and I don’t have to stick to one route.”

A little more than two years into her tenure at CAP, Xavy applied for and was promoted to a position within the Centralized Learning and Development Department. Much like her father, she has found a career path.

Man sitting between two computer screens providing instruction.

When Mark Brown, instruction design technologist, joined CAP in 2008, his son was in his late teens and starting his education in engineering. He never imagined he would end up working in the same organization.

“I didn’t think I‘d ever end up working at the same place as my dad,” said Skyler. “However, as I progressed in engineering my dad shared with me the work they do at CAP so I could see the connection. Then, the engineering firm I worked for after graduating obtained a contract with CAP. That signaled to me that I could find a place here.”

Mark didn’t hesitate to encourage his son to apply to join the CAP team.

Man in glasses and dark green shirt smiling at camera.“I had worked in places where people weren’t treated well, that were bottom line driven, and had no work-life balance,” said Mark. “At CAP, I not only knew the work-life balance was good, but I knew that he would be treated well and that’s exactly what I want for my son.”

In 2019, Skyler was hired as a control systems engineer and definitely sees why his father has stayed at CAP.

“Everyone is positive and happy here. People say hi and are friendly,” said Skyler. “There is an upbeat attitude you don’t see in many job sectors.”

They work in the same building, so although father and son rarely work on projects together or randomly run into each other, they appreciate that they are able to touch base or grab lunch occasionally, especially given that they don’t live close to each other.

Man in sunglasses and baseball cap operating heavy equipmentWhen Randy Shearin joined CAP in 2011, he was happy to have an opportunity to have a home base. As a heavy equipment operator, he’d spent much of his career traveling and CAP offered him stability. He happily accepted.

“I had friends that worked for CAP and had applied 10 years earlier and not gotten the position, so was happy to join the team,” said Randy.

When an opportunity in Centralized Learning and Development posted in 2017, Randy immediately reached out to his son-in-law, Andrew Krahe and encouraged him to apply. Andrew was hired in November 2017. Without that nudge, Andrew said he wouldn’t have known about the position, and he’s extremely grateful.

Man in glasses and royal blue shirt smiling at camera.“CAP is employee-centered, which I love, and it offers a balance of stability and innovation other places can’t,” said Andrew. “I also find my work meaningful. Because I work in learning & org. development, I get the chance to create programs that meet the personal & professional development needs (and wants) of CAP employees.  This involves a lot of 1:1 and group conversations, which I find energizing!”

Randy and Andrew both knew first-hand what a great place CAP was to work, so it seemed only natural that when a position came open in Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) and it was a fit for Brooke Krahe, Randy’s daughter and Andrew’s wife, she jumped at the chance to apply, starting in August 2022.

“I asked Andy to always look out for jobs that I could apply for and when the CAGRD job came open, I was very excited,” said Brooke. “The people, the community, the benefits, and the flexible hybrid schedules make CAP a great place to work, not to mention that it’s nice to work for a company that values its employees.”

Great benefits, growth opportunities, hybrid schedules, and amazing co-workers are just some of the reasons that these employees have made working at CAP a family affair!

Editor’s note: CAP has a nepotism policy that is designed to prevent favoritism, minimize interpersonal conflicts and maintain workforce diversity. It prevents employees from being in a direct reporting relationship or reporting to the same supervisor and also prohibits employees from intervening in hiring process or family member’s employment matters.

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