Available: CAP Trail maps for your next outdoor adventure

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CAP Trail at 51st Ave bridge

So maybe you already knew there are stretches of public trail in certain areas alongside the CAP canal.

Do you know where some of the developed sections of this multi-use trail begin and end?

We’ve developed maps of certain segments of the CAP Trail that are in our three-county service area of Pima, Pinal and Maricopa counties.

The trail is for multiple non-motorized recreational uses: walking, jogging, equestrian, cycling and roller blading.

See the printable maps (click on each title to view):

Waddell to Lake Pleasant (north Phoenix)

  • This hike (or ride) begins near the Waddell Pump/Generating Plant and CAP’s storage reservoir, Lake Pleasant – two crucial components of the CAP system. 4 miles.

County Line to Tangerine (Pima County)

  • The Pinal/Pima County line marks the start of this trek that heads southeast along the canal. Approx. 8 miles.

Pyramid Peak Pkwy to Happy Valley Road (north Phoenix)

  • This trail crosses by the Deem Hills Recreation Area – watch out for the steep hill! Approx. 9 miles.

Nona Road Trailhead to Pinal/Pima County line (Pinal County)

  • This stretch begins near CAP’s Red Rock Pumping Plant, which lifts water more than 200 vertical feet! Approx. 9 miles.

Cave Creek Road to Scottsdale Road (north Phoenix)

  • You can enter this trail at the western end of the Reach 11 Recreation area. Approx. 7 miles.

See a full map of the CAP Trail

Print these out, take them on your next hike, ride or run, and maybe think about the reliable deliveries of Colorado River water taking place nearby at the CAP canal.