Bridge inspections ensure safety

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Bridge over CAP

Central Arizona Project bisects the state so it’s not surprising that bridges have been constructed in some places along the 336-mile system so people, traffic and animals can safely cross. Currently, there are more than 80 bridges that go over the canal that are open to public travel and the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) is responsible for ensuring those are safe. Thus, every two years – in the even years — ADOT hires contractors to inspect CAP’s bridges during February and March. Inspections include both the topside and underneath, examining all structural elements and guard rails. Safety is a top priority. They submit a safety plan and job safety analysis for CAP to review prior to any work beginning. During each inspection, a safety line is downstream of the work, a rescue line is on shore, and everyone in the boat wears personal flotation devices. CAP Inspectors Mike Anaya and Michael Vigil are accompanying them as they make their way across the state and Senior Reliability Engineer Aaron Ashcroft is overseeing the effort.