CAP Board Strategic Plan making progress

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CAP Strategic Plan 2022

Many things have changed in the last few months…the way business is conducted has been modified and events have been rescheduled, cancelled and adjusted. For the CAWCD Board of Directors, the changes have been significant, but they are continuing business as usual and are on track for the Strategic Plan to be drafted and adopted by the full Board before the end of the year.

Prior to Governor Doug Ducey issuing a stay at home order, input was gathered from Board members, CAP Management Council and employees through in person interviews, stakeholder forums and surveys.

At the next Board retreat on June 3 (rescheduled from April 30 due to COVID-19), the Board will update CAP’s vision statement, reaffirm the Key Results Areas and review data gathered during the stakeholder forums.

A second round of stakeholder forums will be held July 29-30, followed by a Board retreat on September 2.

Then, final document preparation and implementation planning will begin. The plan is slated to be presented at the November 5 Board meeting with final adoption at the meeting on December 3, 2020.