CAP Employees Stretching


10 minutes of stretching each day before starting work can help reduce the risk of sprains, strains and other musculoskeletal injuries. Safety: It’s who we

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People walking on the CAP Trail

CAP Trail

As construction of CAP began in 1973, the Bureau of Reclamation anticipated the development of a multi-use recreational trail along the canal – today known

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CAP Water Quality Testing

Water Quality

CAP does not treat the water it delivers; however, water quality data has been provided to stakeholders since the first water deliveries began in 1985.

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CAP CPR class

Practice makes perfect

Every year, CAP hosts Safety Week, an event that is usually attended by all CAP employees and includes required and elective safety-related classes ranging from

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CAP Canal

Power to pump

The CAP system moves water 336 miles, pumping it uphill nearly 3,000 vertical feet along its journey. Power is a critical component to move the

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