CAP Canal

Power to pump

The CAP system moves water 336 miles, pumping it uphill nearly 3,000 vertical feet along its journey. Power is a critical component to move the

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CAP Employee Aron Carrozza Working


CAP has 2707 safety data sheets to keep employees informed and safe. Do you know what hazardous chemicals are in your house? Safety: It’s who

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CAP Canal Water

CAP Water Users

CAP typically has more than 60 water users that fall into three user groups: municipal and industrial, agricultural and Native American Tribes.

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CAP Employee Buckling Seat Belt


The risk of fatal injury is reduced by 45 percent when a seat belt is used properly. Safety: It’s who we are.

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CAP Employee and Truck


Alex Valenzuela, Aqueduct Maintenance South, reminds us to always Get Out And Look (GOAL) and do a 360-degree walk around a vehicle prior to driving

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CAP Constructions

Funding and repayment

Construction of the CAP system cost more than $4 billion; Arizona is obligated to repay $1.646 billion. CAP’s 50-year repayment period began October 1, 1993

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