Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant

At the beginning …

CAP’s Mark Wilmer Pumping Plant is the first plant in the CAP system and it is also the largest, featuring six 66,000 horsepower pumps that

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Central Arizona Project canal

Shape matters

The 336-mile CAP canal is shaped like a trapezoid. Why? The short answer: CAP’s specific trapezoidal shape is a balance of hydraulic efficiency and constructability.

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CAP Employee Volunteer Group

Remembering 9/11

CAP’s employee volunteer group – CAP turnouts – headed out early Friday, September 9 to place some of the 2,977 flags at the Tempe Healing

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CAP Employee applying protective coatings


It is safe to work around environments with a sound level below 85 decibels. Safety: It’s who we are.

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San Xavier Pumping Plant rotor

Ready, set, rebuild

During a pump overhaul, the pump is disassembled, and its components are either stored on site, sent to CAP Headquarters for repairs, or sent out

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CAP Canal Check Structure

Reliability – check!

The CAP canal has 39 check structures and each one is a critical component to ensure the reliability of the system. They are operated remotely and act

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