Are you in the CAGRD? Here are a few important things to know.

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CAGRD Infrastructure

CAGRD has released an interactive web map making it easier to learn if you are in or out of the CAGRD. The article was revised April 21, 2022 to reflect this new feature.

You may already know that CAP delivers the state’s largest renewable water supply, but we have another important responsibility that helps protect groundwater for future generations and allows for responsible development – the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD).

Arizona’s Water Laws

The laws and regulations around water in Arizona are complex. And in certain areas where groundwater is being used to serve development, some of that water is required to be put back into the ground. CAGRD ensures this groundwater use complies with the law by acquiring water and sending it to a recharge site or by partnering with agriculture to provide surface water instead of pumping groundwater for crops. Each year, CAGRD currently replenishes around 10 billion gallons of water into our aquifers – about what it takes to fill Tempe Town Lake ten times over.

Am I in the CAGRD?

Visiting the CAGRD Membership Locator is an easy way to learn if a location is in the CAGRD and what type of membership that location possesses.  The CAGRD serves members in portions of Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties. People served by utilities listed to the right are part of a Member Service Area (MSA). The CAGRD works with each MSA to estimate how much groundwater it will use now and in the future and then replenishes any water needed for the MSA to comply with groundwater regulations. If you’re part of an MSA, any charge for replenishment or membership in the CAGRD is usually part of your water bill.

Other areas could be part of a Member Land subdivision (ML).  In a ML, each parcel is responsible for paying the cost of replenishing the groundwater its residents use. The replenishment cost is paid through an assessment either on your property tax bill – meaning it is paid to your County Assessor’s office directly – or as part of your mortgage payment.

What does CAGRD do with the fees it collects?

The CAGRD purchases surface water or water that has been stored underground previously to fulfill our replenishment requirements and maintain a healthy reserve supply to be prepared for future replenishment needs. CAGRD routinely reviews its water supply portfolio and its approach to purchasing water to make sure our members are getting the best value possible.

How can I lower my CAGRD fees?

Most CAGRD members can save money – and lower their water costs – by conserving water in their homes. Visit Water Use It Wisely to find more than 100 ways to save water – and money.

Member Service Areas 

  • Apache Junction
  • City of Avondale
  • Chaparral City Water Company
  • City of Casa Grande (Copper Mountain Ranch CFD)
  • City of El Mirage
  • City of Eloy
  • EPCOR – San Tan

  • EPCOR – San Tan Anthem

  • Town of Florence
  • Flowing Wells Irrigation District
  • Town of Gilbert
  • City of Goodyear
  • Town of Marana
  • Metropolitan Domestic Water Improvement District
  • Town of Oro Valley
  • Sahuarita Water Company
  • City of Scottsdale
  • Spanish Trail Water Company
  • City of Surprise
  • City of Tucson
  • Vail Water Company
  • Willow Springs Utilities