Essential workforce

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CAP Workforce

Central Arizona Project’s essential workers take pride in their ability to meet a vital need for Arizonans by keeping operations up and running.

Did you know CAP delivers a consistent and reliable water supply to more than 80 percent of the state’s population?

Water delivered by CAP is essential to the health, economy and environment of central and southern Arizona.

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CAP infrastructure: ensuring a reliable and secure water supply

Behind CAP’s reliable deliveries is critical “out-of-sight” infrastructure that is also “top of mind.” From pumping plants, tunnels and turnouts, to trails, check gates, and wildlife crossings, the CAP system truly is an engineering marvel.

The CAP system provides both delivery and storage of Colorado River water and includes:

  • The Lake Pleasant storage reservoir;
  • 14 pumping plants that lift water, uphill, nearly 3,000 feet overall;
  • One hydroelectric pump-generating plant;
  • 39 radial gate structures to control water flow;
  • More than 50 turnouts to deliver water to central and southern Arizona.

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Lake Pleasant water level

Water stored in Lake Pleasant comes from two main sources: the Colorado River via the CAP canal and runoff from the Agua Fria River. CAP pumps Colorado River water into Lake Pleasant during the fall and winter months and releases water during the spring and summer to meet higher demands.

See the Lake Pleasant water level