Follow the Finance, Audit & Power Committee – and learn more about CAP’s relationship to tax rates

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CAP FInance Power Committee
CAP Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor, CAWCD Board Vice-President and Chair, Finance, Audit and Power Committee

CAWCD’s Board Committees delve into key issues about Central Arizona Project and Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment operations. You’ll tend to hear greater depth and discussion about these issues during the Committee meetings and a broad overview at CAWCD Board meetings.

For instance, if you’re interested in issues related to CAP’s finances and power reliability, you may want to tune into the CAWCD Board’s Finance, Audit & Power (FAP) Committee, which typically meets at 9 a.m. on the third Thursday of each month (excluding July). At the last meeting, there was a robust discussion that preceded the Board’s preliminary approval of CAP’s Ad Valorem Tax and Water Storage Tax levies. Further, the Committee discussed a modification to the 2022-2026 rate sheet due to the impending Tier 1 Colorado River shortage. You can learn more about how CAP sets rates here.

At the next meeting, scheduled for Thursday, May 20, the FAP Committee will hear a report on CAP’s power programs, as well as the Internal Auditor’s Report.

Following these meetings provides a great opportunity, not only for stakeholders who are used to following these issues, but also for the general public to learn more about CAP and how it affects tax rates, including those related to the property taxes they pay.

 The FAP Committee provides guidance to the CAWCD Board regarding:

  • Accounting and reporting
  • Quality and integrity of financial reports
  • Budgetary and fiscal practices
  • Operational security
  • Energy risk management and related power and transmission matters.

CAWCD Vice President Mark Taylor chairs the FAP Committee. Other members include Karen Cesare, Pat Jacobs, Heather Macre and April Pinger-Tornquist.

FAP meetings follow all Open Meeting requirements with agendas posted ahead of time and videos posted following each meeting. Meetings are typically held at Central Arizona Project Headquarters and are open to the public and livestreamed. Please note that while COVID-19 restrictions are in place, the meetings are only available to view via livestream.