How CAP categorizes water usage

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CAP Water Usage

CAP delivers water to approximately 60 water users that fall into three basic groups: municipal and industrial, agricultural, and tribal communities.

CAP Water Usage Infographic

CAP categorizes water usage several ways, including by contract type, which corresponds to water rate categories. These categories – shown in this graphic – primarily indicate the priority of the water, not necessarily who is using it or how it’s being used. The priority of the water is based on the Law of the River and CAP contract types and is especially important during times of shortage because the system protects the highest priority supplies from reductions.

The percentages in this graphic show the portion of actual deliveries for 2020 (through Oct. 13) for each such category.

User groups utilize CAP’s Colorado River water to run businesses, water crops and maintain households – all of which is critical to the quality of life in Arizona.