Interested in CAP water rates? See final schedules

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CAP Canal

Need the latest on CAP water rates?

The CAWCD Board of Directors at its June 10 meeting approved:

  • The CAP final 2022-2026 Water Rate Schedule;
  • The CAGRD Final Rate Schedule for 2021/22 – 2025/26;
  • The final Underground Water Storage Operations and Maintenance and Underground Water Storage Capital Charge Rates Schedule for 2022-2026.

Here is a rundown of resources we hope help you better understand the CAP rates, which are cost-based, designed to cover the costs incurred for the activity, such as water delivery, federal repayment, and CAGRD:

As a public entity, CAP does not make a profit and has a responsibility to provide a reliable water supply at the cost of service.

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