The facts and nothing but the facts

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CAP Fact Sheets Image

Water is complicated, but CAP has developed fact sheets to help make it clear, concise and complete.

You’ve heard about Tier 1 shortage in 2022, but do you want to know more? The Colorado River Shortage FAQs fact sheet explains shortage, what you should know and who will be impacted.

Wondering what the Arizona economy would look like without the water CAP delivers? The Economic Impact fact sheet gives the stats on jobs, economic benefits and the top five sectors impacted.

Want to learn what CAP is doing about climate change? The CAP and Climate Change fact sheet explains the climate adaptation plan, what we do to reduce the carbon footprint of our power portfolio and more.

Do you know how much power it takes to pump water? The Power fact sheet gives you details, including information on power sources and the power portfolio.

And there are others on the Federal Repayment, Drought Contingency Plan, CAGRD, water quality and general information about CAP.

Be sure to visit the downloads page on to read and download these impactful fact sheets.