Listen in as Rosie on the House features the Colorado River shortage and the importance of water conservation

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Rosie on the House

Colorado River issues and the importance of water conservation are regular news cycle topics these days. And they garnered a whole hour of attention recently on KTAR’s “Rosie on the House” show. The show, a Saturday morning home improvement mainstay, has been a strong supporter of water education and conservation since it began airing in 1988.

On their Saturday, May 14 broadcast, Vineetha Kartha, CAP’s Colorado River Programs manager, spoke regarding Colorado River issues; and Laura Grignano, CAGRD manager, shared information about how listeners can find out if they’re in the CAGRD and the importance of conservation.

The podcast and related blog are located here.

Editor’s note: “News to share” is one of the many ways CAP works to achieve its vision: CAP serves as a collaborative partner and innovative leader in sustainable management and reliable delivery of water for Central Arizona.