SAVED! Every dog has her day

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CAP Dog Rescue

Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. This definitely seemed to be the case for the black lab who found herself stranded on the back side of a check gate in the CAP canal. Whether she fell in or was thinking the water looked like a great place to cool off, she quickly discovered the rapidly moving water was no match for her dog paddle.

Fortunately for her, Corey Hill, a CAP instrumentation and control electrician, noticed her on the check gate and contacted CAP’s Protective Services Agent Chris Cole who reached out to animal control.

 “I was driving past check 28 when I noticed something black on the back of the check gate. As I got closer I could tell it was a dog,” said Hill. “It was terrifying to think of the struggle she must have gone through to get there so I was extremely happy that we were able to rescue the pup.”

Once on scene, Cole, Hill and an animal control officer from Pinal County assessed the situation and made a plan. 

They contacted CAP’s Control Center and had them raise the gate so Cole could place a snare around her neck and pull her to safety.

“When I arrived, I could see the dog was scared and tired, so we threw her treats until we could get the snare around her neck and pull her to safety,” said Cole. “Once we got her off the gate and onto land she was very thankful. She was a very friendly dog and was very happy she was rescued.”

She didn’t have a collar or microchip so was transported to Pinal County Animal control shelter where she is awaiting her forever home.

CAP Canal Dog Rescue