Water wisdom available for students of all ages

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CAP Education

In the arid Arizona desert, no resource is as precious as water so it’s imperative that desert dwellers of all ages are water wise. Our kids should learn the history of water in our state, understand where our water comes from and recognize how to protect our future water supply. To help, CAP has created a number of free educational materials for students and teachers!

CAP collaborated with Arizona educators to develop the materials, which are divided by grade level. These FREE materials teach our youth about the importance of water in the Grand Canyon State and how they can help preserve our most precious natural resource…engaging AND educational.

H2O for Kids has engaging lessons and fun activities for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The content is aligned to the current Arizona Science and Social Studies standards, integrating English/Language Arts, and explores questions such as:

  • How did the ancient Hohokam canals make it easier to collect water?
  • How does water travel miles through the CAP canal to reach central and southern Arizona?
  • How is Arizona’s water supply connected to other states?
  • How have people in Arizona modified or adapted to the Arizona climate?

Arizona Water Story is a designed for students in grades 4-6. The program includes a six-lesson teacher’s guide and a three-part video.

H2O4U is an educational activity for middle school and high school students. H2O4U combines learning with fun, including lessons on the Colorado River, water conservation, water safety and careers in the water industry. An online computer game gives students the opportunity to test their river mapping skills, complete challenging water math problems, answer questions to complete a crossword puzzle and even stay afloat in a river rafting game.

Nonfiction Reading Passages give students an opportunity to learn about the importance of water in Arizona through short, engaging worksheets.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for supplements to your curriculum, a home schooler or a parent trying to engage your kids quarantined at home, download CAP’s educational materials here or request hard copies here.