We’re stoked … to give back to the community

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CAP Stokes basket donation

Safety is a priority at CAP, which includes ensuring we have safety equipment that best fits our needs. For many years, we have had a Stokes basket in each pumping plant. A Stokes basket, also called a Stokes stretcher or Stokes litter, is a stretcher that can be disassembled and is frequently used in tight spaces or where there are physical obstacles. We are currently replacing them with a new, flexible rescue sked which will better suit our needs. Darin Perkins, safety manager, said the baskets we are replacing are still in perfect working condition and thus, we are donating them to some of the smaller fire districts in our service area. Earlier this month, we donated two baskets to Florence Fire and Medical.

“This donation will help enhance our operation and increase the safety of moving our patients from rescue situations,” said Battalion Chief Jim Walter. “We are proud of our continued relationship with CAP and appreciate their support of our response.”

Pictured: CAP Safety Specialist Evan Boczenowski (center) delivered the baskets to Florence Fire and Medical Battalion Chiefs John Kemp and Jim Walter, who were extremely appreciative of the donations as they were an upgrade to their current equipment.