When safety hits home

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CAP Employee Alfredo Arroyo

Editor’s Note: The following article was written by Engineering CADD Technician Alfredo Arroyo, who has been with CAP two years, and knows first-hand the importance of safety at work and at home.

By Alfredo Arroyo, CAP Drawing Services

We always hear how important safety training and being prepared is. Many companies emphasize the importance of this, but not all provide the adequate resources or time. In my past experience, I was never part of a company that really put the true effort into employee safety and preparedness until I became part of CAP. Other organizations talked about it, yet their actions never met their words.

The amount of time and resources CAP spends on this is a true testament to the importance they place on safety for all of their employees. I had never been part of a whole week dedicated to safety training until I started working with CAP. This year was my second safety training week at CAP and I wanted to take full advantage of the training provided. My goal was to take at least two additional classes than the previous year. I figured that if CAP provided us with the training we should do our best to take full advantage of this.

Last year, one of those extra classes that I signed up for was the First Aid and CPR course. I wasn’t expecting to ever have to put the training I received into use, let alone use the training on someone from my own family. Little did I know this would be one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

My wife and I recently lived through one of the scariest moments we have ever had. Our 18-month old son, Christian, had a choking hazard with some food while eating. Unfortunately, as we tried to remove the blockage, he stopped breathing and went unconscious. Both my wife and I panicked for a moment, but without really thinking I acted and started to perform CPR. After a minute, which seemed like an eternity, our son started to breathe again. The fire department and ambulance showed up a few minutes after, at this time they just recommended we take him to the hospital for a checkup.

I was told that the quick response to perform CPR on my son is what ultimately made the difference. Christian is doing great now and has fully recovered from the incident. I give 100% credit to the training I received in the First Aid and CPR course for my being prepared to handle this situation. I will always be grateful that CAP provides its employees with the safety training it so highly emphasizes. I look forward to CAP’s safety week and will challenge myself to take as many classes as possible, because you never know which class may just be the next best decision you have ever made.