Bureau of Reclamation issues April 24-Month Study

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Lake Powell

Based on current operations and average winter snowpack, Reclamation makes no change to Lake Powell releases. It appears likely that the Lower Colorado River Basin will remain in a Tier 1 shortage in 2025, as it is this year.

You can learn more about the 24-Month Study here.

This outlook is due to Mother Nature and to additional conservation to keep water in Lake Mead.

The conservation is based on the Lower Basin States’ May 2023 proposal to conserve three million acre-feet of Colorado River by 2026, beyond reductions previously agreed to under the 2007 Interim Shortage Guidelines and the Drought Contingency Plan. Arizona’s conservation partners conserved 955,158 acre-feet last year and expect 849,657 in 2024.

We’re keeping an eye on Mother Nature for the future, expecting that the tropical Pacific is trending toward “neutral” conditions with a likely transition from El Niño to La Niña in the June/August window. La Niña likes to travel in packs and often means consecutive, dry winters for the Colorado River Basin.

April 24-Month Study infographic
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