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CAP Canal

Implementation of CAP’s updated Board Strategic Plan officially begins this month. In addition to our new Vision, Mission and Values statements, the Plan contains eight Key Result Areas (KRAs). These KRAs are the heart of the Plan, directing priorities for CAP in 2022 and beyond:

Finance Icon

KRA: Finance

Maintaining long-term financial strength to achieve CAP’s goals and being prepared to address opportunities or challenges

Icon Public Trust

KRA: Public Trust, Partnerships & Leadership

Earning and preserving public trust, building and maintaining partnerships, and providing informed water management leadership
Groundwater Replenishment Icon

KRA: Groundwater Replenishment

Fulfilling CAP’s groundwater replenishment responsibilities in accordance with statutory requirements

Stewardship and Sustainability Icon

KRA: Stewardship & Sustainability

Serving as proactive leaders in sustainability and responsible, collaborative stewards of CAP’s Colorado River supply

Power Icon

KRA: Power

Building a reliable, diversified, and sustainable energy portfolio

Water Supply Icon

KRA: Water Supply

Providing a reliable CAP water supply for the short- and long-term

Reliability Icon

KRA: Project Reliability

Providing reliable and cost-effective operations, maintenance, and replacement of CAP infrastructure and technology assets

Workforce Icon

KRA: Workforce

Being a premier employer that attracts and retains an exceptional and diverse workforce

Beginning this year, Know Your Water News will highlight the implementation of these KRAs through special feature articles that will be accompanied by an icon related to the specific issue area. This will keep you updated on issues related to our Strategic Plan, which was developed through a year-long process of CAWCD Board interviews and retreats, stakeholder forums and employee surveys. More than 35 organizations participated and provided input into the strategic planning process.

The Board’s Strategic Plan serves as the context for many planning activities at CAP, including the biennial budget, organization-wide objectives, employee performance goals and Board reports. As part of CAP’s two-year budget process, CAP staff members have already used this plan to build operational business plans for 2022 to ensure that organizational goals and efforts are consistent with the strategic direction provided by the Board.

So, “read all about it,” in 2022 and beyond as Know Your Water News brings you real-life examples of the KRAs in action!