Sharing safety: Safety in numbers

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CAP Safety Graphic

Safety is a core value at CAP that can be felt across the organization. In offices, pumping plants and along the system, employees are given the tools to do each job as safely as possible. Training is critical; CAP hosts an annual safety week for all employees and encourages employees to “take safety home.” Safety is such a priority that CAP achieved Voluntary Protection Program site (VPP) status in 2006 and has maintained it since then. Not an easy feat.  

One of the many tools we use to make safety part of our daily consciousness is an annual employee calendar. In 2022, the calendar features important facts and numbers about safety that support our annual safety theme, “Safety in Numbers.” 

Every month during 2022, we will be sharing those messages and the images of employees, starting with January.

Safety: It’s who we are.