Are you a visual learner? You’ll love CAP’s new Water Allocations Map!

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CAP Canal

Curious about who has allocations to Colorado River water in central and southern Arizona? Here’s a new, easy, visual way to retrieve information about CAP’s 60+ water users with long- term contracts. Take a look at the new CAP Water Allocations Map to view CAP allocations, including municipal and industrial users and tribes.

The search bar helps you easily navigate to users within the CAP service area (Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties). Click on any water provider to pop open a table and view more information about the water use, like the allocation priority, volume and contract number(s). For water users located outside of the CAP Service Area or that have multiple areas, their information is still available using the search feature.

For context, check out this Know Your Water News Article for more information about CAP’s Water Priority System.

Prefer a more linear format? You can still access the original Subcontract Status Report at our Contracts and Documents page.