Collegiate water researchers: CAP is awarding top papers

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As the process of aridification has produced a “new normal” of particularly dry conditions throughout the Colorado River Basin, the need for quality water research to potentially blaze the management of Arizona’s future water supply is critical.

CAP would like to recognize top-notch papers: Submissions for this year’s CAP Award for Water Research award are being accepted through June 1, 2023.

The first-place winner will receive $1,000; the second-place winner will receive $500.

The program is intended to increase awareness about water issues associated with CAP and the Colorado River. It is available to graduate and undergraduate students at any college or university in the State of Arizona.

For a list of suggested topics and the online entry form, visit the Award for Research webpage.

The 2022 winners:

Know some like-minded Arizona undergraduate or graduate students?

Send them this link to the CAP Award for Water Research submission form, which also includes suggested topics. Original research submitted for this award should focus specifically on water issues that affect central and southern Arizona and the Colorado River. Priority will be given to Colorado River issues.

CAP hopes the Award for Research will:

  • Encourage and support excellence in water research in Arizona’s colleges and universities.
  • Reach and encourage college-level students interested in pursuing careers in water resource management.
  • Increase public interest in water issues associated with the use of Colorado River water in central and southern Arizona.
  • Reinforce CAP’s commitment to water education to hundreds of faculty members and students.

Questions? Contact Nick Walter.