Lake Pleasant water levels in 2023: see CAP’s operational forecast

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Sailboat on Lake Pleasant

Many Lake Pleasant lovers probably wonder: How are the lake levels of CAP’s storage reservoir looking in 2023?

The latest shortage declaration for Colorado River operations is indeed serious and represents a 592,000 acre-foot-reduction to the state’s Colorado River supply. Though CAP will be delivering less water to central and southern Arizona, because of flexibility in the way CAP operates the system, CAP plans to manage Lake Pleasant similar to years past and is not currently expecting the Lake Pleasant water level to be significantly impacted this year. CAP expects the lake level to go down, but not outside normal historical operating ranges.

For the latest updates on Lake Pleasant water levels, visit this Lake Pleasant page on

The page provides a general overview of Lake Pleasant’s role in CAP operations, and the latest elevations and amount of water being pumping into, or released out of, the lake. Near the bottom of the page, see the operational forecast for Lake Pleasant and New Waddell Dam operations with 2023 annual and forecast elevations.