Feb. 3, 2022 Meeting: CAWCD Board approves additional funding for the expansion of an Irrigation Efficiency Study agreement on Colorado River Indian Tribes land

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The CAWCD Board, which met Thursday, Feb. 3, approved $382,835 in additional funding for a new pilot study using N-Drip technology for milo irrigation on Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) land in Western Arizona. As part of this study, N-Drip will provide and install irrigation technology and provide field support to the CRIT growers. CRIT is contributing a total of 286 acres, including control fields that will use traditional flood irrigation. Under a separate contract, the University of Arizona will monitor crop and soil conditions on both fields. Collaborative partnerships like this focus on cost-effective solutions to allow agriculture to thrive while conserving Colorado River water. You can learn more about this Board action here.

The Board heard several presentations. Links are provided below for those who would like more detail:

The CAWCD Board of Directors is a popularly elected, 15-member board. Ten members are from Maricopa County, four from Pima County and one from Pinal. Members serve six-year, unpaid terms. The board typically meets publicly the first Thursday of each month to establish policy and set rates and taxes for CAP. Meetings are open to the public, in person and via livestream. Due to COVID-19 protocols, face coverings are currently required.

For additional details on the February board meeting, take a look at the agenda and packet. Board minutes and video will be posted here, as well.

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