CAGRD 2025 Plan of Operation: How much water is needed and from where?

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Every 10 years, the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) submits a Plan of Operation to the Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR). CAGRD staff members are currently working on the next Plan to be submitted in 2024.

Where does CAGRD get the water it uses to replenish? CAGRD’s water supply program was created more than a decade ago with the goal of developing a robust, diversified water supply portfolio. This goal has been achieved through numerous water acquisitions over the years and now CAGRD’s supply portfolio includes the following supplies:

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CAGRD 2025 Plan of Operation Water Supplies Roundtable

Wednesday, Sept. 6, 9am-11am

A link to the roundtable will be posted at

CAP water supplies in CAGRD’s supply portfolio are subject to future shortage-related reductions. However, CAGRD has ample long-term storage credits to meet its annual replenishment obligations well into the future. Long-term storage credits are earned when water is recharged into the aquifer. Once created, long-term storage credits can be bought and sold.

The primary goal of the water supply program has been to acquire a diverse portfolio of water supplies through voluntary, market-based transactions in accordance with key principles revised and approved by the CAWCD Board. Acquisitions are funded by current and future CAGRD members through annual assessments and dues and a portion of the enrollment and activation fees.

In the coming months the CAGRD & Underground Storage Committee and the full Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board will be reviewing the estimates of available water supplies to be included in the next Plan. Additionally, staff will host a stakeholder roundtable on the water supply portion of the Plan at CAP Headquarters on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

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