San Xavier Pumping Plant rotor

Ready, set, rebuild

During a pump overhaul, the pump is disassembled, and its components are either stored on site, sent to CAP Headquarters for repairs, or sent out

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CAP Canal Check Structure

Reliability – check!

The CAP canal has 39 check structures and each one is a critical component to ensure the reliability of the system. They are operated remotely and act

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CAP Employee at Computer


Bend your arms at a 90-degree angle when working at a computer to ensure proper ergonomic position. Safety: It’s who we are.

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CAP Wildlife Bridge

Walk this way!

Prior to construction of the CAP system, environmental impact studies were done and as a result, wildlife bridges were constructed at strategic locations to maintain

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Senior Industrial Hygienist Christina Collins climbing down ladder

Safety support

At CAP, safety always comes first. Senior Industrial Hygienist Christina Collins is preparing to enter a sump to assess the space and lend support to

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CAP Ladder Safety


When working on a ladder, you should always have 3 points of contact. Safety: It’s who we are.

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