Celebrating CAP’s water professionals

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Arizona Water Professionals collage and logo

When you turn on the shower, do you think about how the water got to you? CAP employees do!

May 8-12 is Arizona Water Professionals Appreciation Week and at CAP we want to recognize all those who keep the water flowing. CAP’s nearly 500 water professionals have dedicated their days to ensuring the reliability of the system that brings water to you!

Here are some stories featuring CAP’s own #WaterHeroes, as well as a glimpse into your daily life, CAP’s daily mission.

Arizona water professional Mike McWilliams
Not your average electrician: Mike McWilliams blazes his own path in the family business
Arizona water professional Jim Geisbush
Faces of CAP: A career built on a fascination with water
Arizona water professional Darin Perkins
Faces of CAP: Safety “rock star” was built, not born
Arizona water professional Travis Dins
Faces of CAP: Designer brings CAP system to life
Arizona water professional Julie Mazo and her family
Faces of CAP: A welcoming spirit at work and home
Arizona water professional Herman Ortiz
Faces of CAP: The intersection of art and science